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Project : High Speed Digital Signal Decoder
LabVIEW Programmer -- High Speed Digital Signal Decoder
Objective :   To develop a system simulates the behavior of a unique receiver in order to test the customer's transmitter prototype.
Story : The customers have their own communication protocol, and are developing the prototype of transmitter. However, without receiver they are unable to test their transmitter and verify their communication protocol. It will take lot of time to develop the prototype of receiver and the worse thing is no one can guarantee the protocol, transmitter, and receiver is working. If there is any problem, it is hard to define which part caused the failure and the customers need to spend lots of money on the prototype trial and error.

Due to the complexity of the communication protocol, the commercial Logic Analyzer is not efficiency in this case. They need to spend lots of time to define the validity of the signal and still are unable to find out if the digital signals are the exact final result they want. Therefore, we use NI FPGA board to simulate the behavior of the receiver to acquire signals, generate handshake signals, and decode the receiving data into the real result which the customer wants. We also build some additional function such as data record and play back function. It allows the user can do analysis and debugging much easier than before.

The system helps the customer shorten the developing cycle from 1 and haft year to 2 month, lower the cost of the prototype trial and error, and improve efficiency of the data analyzing obviously.


Hardware :   NI PCI FPGA
LabVIEW Programmer -- FPGA LabVIEW Programmer -- decoder image


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