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LabVIEW-sg   Factory Automation
Project : Passive Component Aligning System
LabVIEW Programmer -- Passive Component Aligning System
Objective :   Building a flexible system to control 8-axes motion movement, hundreds of digital IO signals, and communicate with robotic arm and smart camera through RS232 port.
Story : In order to maximize the capacity of this handler hardware, the customer requests to develop a system with extreme flexibility. The size and capacity of the trays are all adjustable, and the system can operate in various different modes such as:
•    4-axes mode
•    8-axes mode
•    With robot and vision inspection mode
•    Without and vision inspection robot mode
•    Left to right mode
•    Right to left mode
•    Center to left mode
•    Center to right mode

The above request is difficult to complete by PLC based ATE system. However, we use PC based ATE system to fulfill all of our customer’s needs. 8-axis motion control, hundreds of DIO signals, robot and smart camera communication are all handled by one program. It provides great flexibility to the system and raises the value of the whole system dramatically.

Hardware :   NI PCI Motion board, NI DIO board, robot, and smart Camera
 LabVIEW Programmer -- Motion LabVIEW Programmer -- Motion Control1
 LabVIEW Programmer -- DIO    LabVIEW Programmer -- Motion2


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