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Project : Multiple RF Signal Generator System
LabVIEW Programmer -- Multiple RF Signal Generator System
Objective :   To develop a general purpose RF signal generator system, which can generate multiple RF signals at the same time.
Story : The user needs to generate multiple RF signals with different IQ vector patterns. Those different RF signal generators have to be synchronized precisely and start at the same time by trigger signal. The traditional stand alone instruments are unable to achieve the synchronization request due to the time delay of the communication interface, such as GPIB, RS232, and etc.

We use the T-clk technology to let 4 RF signal generators share the same clock reference to fulfill the critical synchronization request. The whole system size is 1/3 of the traditional stand alone RF signal generators, and our professional knowledge also helps the customer to complete the project in very short period.
Hardware :   NI PXI RFSG board, NI PXI chassis, NI PXI controller.
 LabVIEW Programmer -- Multiple Signal RFSG GUI LabVIEW Programmer -- PXI RFSG Configuration


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