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Project : Ingredient Weighing & Mixing System
LabVIEW Programmer -- Ingredient Weighing & Mixing System
Objective :   To modify the existing ingredient mixing system by implement load cell sensor to measure each filling weight according to different formula setting.
Story : Global-G Pte Ltd helps our customer to modify an existing ingredient mixing system. The system has 9 servo motors to control ingredient filling and one conveyer to transfer the ingredient to packaging machine. However, its ingredient filling is inaccurate and inconsistent every time. This causes huge problem to their product quality. We help them to implement load cell sensors for each ingredient filling to verify the weight is accordance with the formula setting.

Due to the original system doesn’t have any document, we help this customer to trace from the basic IO signal, rewrite the whole control sequence, redesign the user interface and convert the traditional HMI into PC based software to provide the system more flexibility and more powerful function. We also gave the customer many professional advices regarding to the load cell installation and use PLC to control filling servo motor movement according to the load cell reading. Now the user can save many different formulas and setting different accuracy for their products.
Hardware :   PLC, Load Cell, HMI, Real-Time System, Motion Control
LabVIEW Programmer -- Ingredient Weighing & Mixing System GUI LabVIEW Programmer -- Ingredient Weighing & Mixing System Setting
LabVIEW Programmer -- Ingredient Weighing & Mixing System PLC LabVIEW Programmer -- 9-Axis Motion Control


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