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Project : Fuel Cell Testing System
LabVIEW Programmer -- Fuel Cell Testing System
Objective :   To develop a Fuel Cell SCADA system to execute very long term process control and monitoring with high reliability.
Story : Fuel Cell Test needs very long test period from months to years. Therefore, the reliability of this system becomes an important issue while designing the system structure. We use NI PXI real-time unit to build the whole SCADA system in order to guarantee the system reliability and deterministic response. The system function includes gas flow control, MPC flow control, pump control, temperature monitoring, pressure monitoring, and communication with third party sensors through RS485 port.

The total cost of this system is less than 1/3 of the customer’s original turn-key solution. Furthermore, the original system only supports one fuel cell test platform; we expand the system capacity form 1 platform to 8 platforms, and shrink the system size to 1/2 of the original design. The total system developing cycle is only 1.5 month.

Hardware :   NI PXI DAQ, AO, AI board, PXI Real-Time Controller, PXI chassis, temperature sensor, pressure sensors, and fixtures.
 LabVIEW Programmer -- DAQ1 LabVIEW Programmer -- Fuel Cell1
 LabVIEW Programmer -- DAQ2    LabVIEW Programmer -- Fuel Cell2


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