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Project : Semiconductor Optical Measurement System
LabVIEW Programmer -- Semiconductor Optical Measurement System
Objective :   To develop a software which is able to control a tunable laser and to measure the optical power level of the device.
Story : The users want to monitor the optical power level change of their new developing device. Therefore, they need to control the tunable laser and optical power meter at the same time and let these two instruments synchronized to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data.

We help the customer to develop this system in short time and let the customer can totally focus on their device research. This software has many customized functions, such as full scan, and zoom-in scan, and etc to save lot of effort of human operation. It makes the whole measurement process including the data record now is totally automatic and shorten the test time dramatically. It helps our customer don't have to waste 8-10 hours every time on the routine instrument operation.
Hardware :   Santec tunable laser, Agilent optical power meter
LabVIEW Programmer -- Semiconductor Optical Measurement System GU LabVIEW Programmer -- Semiconductor Optical Measurement System GUI LabVIEW Programmer -- Optical Power Meter


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