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LabVIEW-sg   Vision Inspection
Project : AOI Alignment System
LabVIEW Programmer -- AOI Alignment System
Objective :   To build auto-aligning system by machine vision and motion control, and communicate with the existing PLC based handler.
Story : This customer is a PLC based engineering company. In order to increase the value of their product, they decide to add AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) function into their current system. Each test device has a small cross marks on it. The system acquires images of the two cross marks from two cameras. Our customized LabVIEW application calculates the angle and distance difference and converts it to X-Y-R table control parameter to compensate the misalignment. The original PLC system takes care of other rest handler and digital IO. We use digital IO signals to communicate with PLC system.

To complete the alignment job manually usually needs more than 2 min. Our AOI system inspection average cycle time is within 1 sec. It improves the productivity 120 times. It also increases our customer’s product value substantially.

Hardware :   NI Motion board, NI DIO board, NI 1394 Vision board, X-Y-R platform, PLC, and fixture.
 LabVIEW Programmer -- Vision LabVIEW Programmer -- Vision1
 LabVIEW Programmer -- Motion    LabVIEW Programmer -- Vision2


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