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Project : My G-Shop E-commerce Website
LabVIEW Programmer -- My G-Shop on-line shop website
Objective :   To build a customized ecommerce website for lady’s fashion and the backend system to manage the data of products, customers, and orders.
Story : Unlike other website design companies keep using similar templates, this ecommerce website is totally customized and has powerful backend management system, which includes product management, news edit, e-paper management, order management, shopping cart, member management, inventory management, and multi-lingual support.

The user can easily to manage on-line shop, monitor the inventory status, find the best timing to offer the discount, and follow up the potential customer by sending e-paper. This high c/p ratio platform let the user able to do lots of on-line shop management by limited budget. The fast developing cycle also helps the user able to start the business in the short time, which is a key factor in fashion’s industry.

Skill :   php + MySQL database.
 LabVIEW Programmer -- Online Sjop LabVIEW Programmer -- Website Design
 LabVIEW Programmer -- Product    LabVIEW Programmer -- Website Backend


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